Eat To Live Expo at William Wells Brown Elementary

We are squarely in the early fall ferment of food events here in the Bluegrass. Happily, the Eat to Live Expo at the William Wells Brown Community Center this Saturday from 10 AM—1:30 PM, takes place near me. Good food and good food events are beginning show up more regularly in this identified food desert on Lexington's north and east sides. For this, we thank the Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition, the Lexington East End Equity Partnership (LEEEP), the Blue Grass Community Foundation, , the local YMCA, and more partners I don't know about.

The wonderful Merlene Davis of the Lexington Herald-Leader wrote a fine story about this upcoming event. Good thing, too, because most of the sponsoring organizations concentrate a lot more on their practical, real work in the world than on pixels and the digital realm. (Hint to possible interns: good opportunities for helping promote good causes!)

Come see me around noon Saturday at William Wells Brown Community Center, 548 E. Sixth. I'll be pulling out my 4-H demonstration skills, carefully cultivated by the memorable Priscilla Lytle, Wayne County Home Extension Agent only 50 short years ago. I hope some of those skills are left, because I'm offering a new recipe for a Big Kentucky Cornmeal Baby, a baked pancake with fresh sorghum. Yummm! 

Why the photo above? That picture, shot at Good Foods Market earlier this year, shows the exact kind of basic, nutritious, delicious food the Tweens Coalition and LEEEP are working to make standard in stores near me through their new Good Neighbor Stores network. It's one of the most brilliant, challenging, patient and potent efforts I've ever witnessed to make good food the easy choice for a whole community.

Rona RobertsComment