Cultivate What's Good

It's 60 degrees on January 2 in Kentucky, and we all know that's not right. And yet we know, too, that plants will grow in this new year, and animals, and people. We will all grow; good gardening sense suggests we tend what's already planted, fill bare spaces with promising species, and reduce invasive species when we can. Metaphor, maybe, for life, but also for cultivating a community that nurtures self-reliance and good food for all. 

Sprouts in the London Ferrill Community Garden, Lexington, Kentucky. 

Sprouts in the London Ferrill Community Garden, Lexington, Kentucky. 

In Lexington we can continue and expand our support for two proven, promising, potent forces that work to boost our self-reliance and make good food a matter of course for everyone. Seedleaf and FoodChain each succeed already in what they do, and are poised to grow in healthy ways. Seedleaf needs a permanent urban farm near a bus line. You may know just the spot. See some of what can happen in such a spot, in this marvelous story about Alice's Garden in Milwaukee.

FoodChain intends to add a teaching and prep kitchen to its successful urban fish-and-greens farm this year. Money and volunteer work will help. Here's an interesting historical scan of incubators, which are initiatives aimed at changing food systems, and share a few similarities with FoodChain's mission.

Enjoy these splendid photos from London Ferrill Community Garden, these by gifted photographer Geoff Maddock. And take a look at all those seed catalogues that came in the last couple of weeks. It's a good time to dream, envision, hope, and get ready.


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