Demonstrating Scratch Cooking

"Scratch Cookingnoun; preparing food using basic ingredients rather than buying meals that have already been prepared."  (The Macmillan online Open Dictionary)

"Demonstration: noun ; a practical exhibition and explanation of how something works or is performed." (Google's online dictionary)

As part of the runup to Crave Lexington, a few weeks ago Laurentia Torrealba (left, half or Team Torrealba), Dan Wu (red shirt), Mike White (pink shirt), and Dan's trusty sous chef (second red shirt) gathered at Sullivan Culinary in Lexington to demonstrate their home recipes: rolled lamb belly with herbs (the winner for Team Torrealba), amazing grits and country ham (Mike White) and an astonishingly good, complex, layered homemade ramen noodle dish (Dan Wu).  

Crave is free, and filled with demonstrations all day on Saturday, September 21. Food from 60 local vendors will be available for purchased tickets. Local music, local goodness all around, and everything from scratch. You want to be there.  

Rona RobertsComment