Taste Classic Kentucky Meals at the Lexington Diner! May 2-3, 9-10.

Writers dream about—and never forget—that moment when our actual, printed, tangible BOOK touches our hands for the first time. Writers whose books include recipes are even luckier. When people prepare food using our recipes, our books bloom into real life on forks, in communities, around tables.

On May 2-3 and May 8-9 (also known as Derby Weekend and Mothers' Day Weekend), as part of a scrumptious brunch menu, Lexington Diner offers dishes from Classic Kentucky Meals. My mother's "basted" (roast) chicken and extraordinary baked beans will be there, along with several fresh, tangy salads and our family's favorite eggs-anytime dish, Goldenrod Eggs with Bacon. Scroll down to see the full menu.

Ranada West-Riley, chef and co-owner of Lexington Diner, honors Classic Kentucky Meals (and tickles me) by including lots of good options from the book in this special brunch menu. It's a privilege to be part of the goodness at the potent corner of N. Upper and W. Short in Lexington—an important, central downtown intersection. After a succession of businesses struggled and failed on that corner, all of us in Lexington benefit from Lexington Diner's warm comforts, good food, and determination to become ever more locally based.

Lexington Diner opened in early 2014. People in its immediate neighborhood, like acclaimed artist and visionary Marjorie Guyon, who makes beautiful art upstairs at 122 N. Upper, appreciate the Diner's food, coffee, neighborhood sensibility, and commitment to downtown and community.

Marjorie's compelling studio perches above Lexington Diner and peers over the W. Short Street end of the Lexington Farmers Market and other Cheapside Pavilion activities. This vivid vantage point inspired Marjorie to open her studio and invent ways to build on the corner's possibilities during Market Saturdays. She kindly invited me, along with my books, to an experimental "Kentucky Wonders" event on Saturday, May 9. Come see us upstairs at 122 N. Upper for coffee and conversation, as well as books for Mothers' Day gifts—anytime between 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM. Shop at the Market, eat downstairs at Lexington Diner, bask in beauty and talk about books, art, cities, farms, or any of a million other topics, all on a Saturday morning.

Rona RobertsComment