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2013 Kentucky Green Living Fair in Pictures

On March 30, in Somerset, Kentucky Jamie Aramini and a slew of volunteers introduced us all to the first Kentucky Green Living Fair. Bunnies! Solar panels! Wild caught Sockeye salmon caught and distributed by Kentuckians! Sorghum-sweetened granola. Local cheese. Fresh milk. Baby chicks. Bedding plants. Weaving. Knitting. Honey. Books. Pastries. Baguettes. Pottery. Pictures here.

Hundreds of people came, ate, sipped, enjoyed live music, and, most of all, took heart from seeing each other, meeting the vendors, and realizing that people like Jamie Aramini are helping build communities that build us back.

That's wonder woman Jamie Aramini in the photo. She founded the important, brilliant Sustainable Kentucky, my other favorite Kentucky blog.

Sometime in January of this year Jamie had the idea of creating the Fair. Less than two months later, on the last day of March, a well-run, well-attended, wildly successful instant classic event unfolded on a rolling hill in a lovely event space in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

In the two months since the Fair, in addition to sustaining Sustainable Kentucky, Jamie has been working with farmers and wineries in Pulaski County to get ideal market conditions underway for this year. The delightful Story, for which she is a contributing writer, has just published her piece about Kentucky's coffee trail. This article's format and pictures suggest Jamie  trekked across our long Commonwealth to appreciate and applaud our fledgling community of coffee shops, coffee roasters, and coffee houses. Only superb coffee—or superhuman energy—can explain what this one tiny human is doing to stoke the fires under Kentucky's local, sustainable food and agriculture economy.

Note: I've experimented with ways to show batches of photos on this site with my relatively new "platform," and so far none work well for both the website and the emailed version of each post that goes to my treasured subscribers. And so, a new approach. On this separate page, I've placed a gallery of photos from this year's Kentucky Green Living Fair. I hope this works!

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