Breakfast (and Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and Supper) With Ideals...And Sorghum

Sweetgrass Granola's sorghum-sweetened iced tea? Brilliant. Life-changing, even, if enough of us drink it. We change the lives of Kentucky sorghum producers—and all other Kentucky growers—when we buy and use their fine products. They, in turn, change our communities for the better.

Owner Carolyn Gahn helped a few hundred of us taste this Kentucky wonder at Sustainable Kentucky's Green Living Fair last weekend.

Carolyn and Jacob Gahn make beautiful sorghum-sweetened granola, wheat-free and organic, available in lots of places, including Good Foods Market, Lexington Farmers Market, and recently, Whole Foods.


Jacob, Carolyn, and their number one cheerleader, baby Finn, work hard without sacrificing a shared sense of humor and kindness. On top of the grueling work any food business requires, they have found the energy to start learning how to grow sweet sorghum and cook their own sweet sorghum syrup. Soon, Jacob says, they will offer recipes for using their granola in meals beyond breakfast (or that lazy, yummy supper bowl of Sweetgrass Cherry Home Companion.)

Carolyn, Jacob, Finn, and their commitment to quality goodness from Kentucky and for Kentucky ensure that what they call "breakfast with ideals" never tasted better.  What a joy to watch Sweetgrass Granola grow. Eat this sweet crunch, sip southern sorghum-sweetened tea, and join Carolyn and Jacob in carrying out their stated mission, one all Kentuckians can endorse:

Our hope is for Sweetgrass Granola to become a value-added vehicle for Kentucky grown ingredients, empowering the increasing small farmer population to grow what they love for wider markets.

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