Blackberry Wonders

As blackberry season winds down, try new uses for these juicy fruits. As we know, the wild berries require heat to express fully their rich, complex, bit-of-bitter, balanced flavors.  The cultivated berries, fatter than ever in the wet, cool summer we've enjoyed in much of the country east of the Mississippi, have the virtue of being good straight from the briar, or fresh and chilled with a swirl of yogurt, cream, or mascarpone.

Some recipe suggestions: 

The gold standard. Nothing beats the standard Gourmet Magazine recipe for Lattice-top Blackberry Pie. This pie is summer's ultimate glory and blackberries' apotheosis. Not to be too grandiose.

Easy and delicious. If that lattice is a weave too far in late summer, enjoy a simpler dessert from Savoring Kentucky's cyber-collection of blackberry dessert recipes.

Cold and colder. For frozen blackberry desserts, try Jeni's Splendid Sweet Corn and Blackberry Ice Cream (the blacker version of her Black Raspberry treat.)  Or use popsicle molds, ice trays, or paper cups to make new-fangled, superlatively flavored popsicles. These 33 popsicle recipes include multiple blackberry options, some with alcohol.

Blackberries in winter. To preserve blackberry goodness for the cold months, adopt Gourmandistan's elegant aproach to Blackberry Jam. If you want some piquancy, do Step 1 of this Martha Stewart recipe for Pork Medallions with Blackberry Chutney. Pork optional. (Freeze the chutney if you plan to use it several months from now.)

Savor the sweetness. Blackberries can go savory as well as sweet. See these Wall Street Journal ideas for berries in main dishes and salads. Scroll all the way down to see "Blackberry and Cucumber Salad with Feta."

Drink your berries. Make a Blackberry Simple Syrup. (I'm sorry I have no suggestions for short-cutting that painstaking pressing step.) Put one tablespoon of syrup in a tall glass of ice and seltzer; stir and sip. Add more syrup if you want more blackberry flavor. Switch out a lightly sweet Prosecco or Cava for the seltzer for a celebration. Use berries and syrup in blackberry cocktails like these pitcher drinks for parties, or look through this Yummly collection of blackberry drink ideas.

Seize the season. Squeeze the berries. We'll be eating root veggies and slow-roasted everything before you know it. 






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