Coffee, Oh, Coffee!

Coffee, like opera, sometimes makes me cry. Last Saturday, Schuyler Warren of Magic Beans Coffee Roasters brewed some Honduras La Paz in our dining room as part of a fundraiser for Bluegrass Double Dollars. The coffee's lush, complete flavor—"sweet, citric, and soft with nice fruit aromas, salted nut and graham"—brought me to a grateful standstill in the middle of a happy swirl of people, seven different Country Rock sorghums, butter and three kinds of biscuits.

Schuyler shared the Magic Beans internal motto: "Respect the bean." He spoke also of respecting growers and their land. Magic Beans chooses Arabica coffees from farmer-owned and cooperatively-owned locations around the world, supporting good growing practices, including growing coffee as an understory plant protected by shade. By contrast, large scale, commercially driven coffee plantings, many in Brazil, typically feature more strongly flavored Robusta beans, grown in full sun, often on land cleared by slash-and-burn practices.

More on coffee later this week!

Rona RobertsComment