Annual Caramel Apple—Check. And Check Out Jamie Oliver's Latest Brilliance.

My annual caramel apple from Reed Valley Orchard? Done. Sweet sadness. Optimistic hope for another apple next year.

This year's apple was my favorite of all time. Perfectly tart and crisp, most likely a Jonagold, according to Myrna and Jean at the Reed booth at Saturday's Lexington Farmers Market. How snugly my annual apple fit inside its approachable-but-not-drippy caramel coat!

From Wikipedia's "Jonagold" description: "The apple has a fluffily crisp fruit. It is juicy and aromatic and has a sweet-sour taste." Isn't that a crunchy description?

Not much sugar; not very often; emphasis on highly select treats. I began trying out these premises three years ago. I wanted to try practicing low sugar in cooking and in life, to see if it might be worth preaching. 

Jamie Oliver is doing the preaching these days. His brilliant, committed work to improve children's health now includes Sugar Rush, a campaign to encourage taxing sugary drinks in Great Britain. Fair enough. Sugar taxed us first.

In the video below, watch Jamie make his 80-second case for levying the tax and applying the proceeds to support his country's National Health Service. [Email subscribers, here's the link.]

Rona RobertsComment