About My Morning

Time Shift Monday usually means Grumpy Monday for me. You may know what I mean, especially if you farm with animals, care for young children, or have to punch an early work clock. None of those conditions applies to me, but that didn't stop me from feeling off kilter in the blackness of 6:03 AM EDT.

I planned to write about the ways people in Kentucky are learning to tap spring's sweetness in maples and beyond. I thought I might include a description of my favorite breakfast treat, made with eggs from The 4th Street Farm, made even more wonderful by Reed Valley Orchard 2015 blueberries from the freezer, all forming a perfect platform for some Bluegrass Maple Syrup.

Then the light began arriving, that glorious, gold, caught-under-grey-clouds light that calls out the inner beauty of the most unlikely objects, and moves flowers to luminescence. When I raised a set of blinds, the sight of plum blossoms on three of The Gardener's four espaliered plum trees, planted in 2013, took me by surprise. One thing led to another, and when I began to edit photos, my morning looked back at me scrambled and lovely.

All those good things are in it: plums advancing at different rates, splendid eggs and a great eggy puff, local maple syrup, blueberries, and more of the marvelous Kentucky golden light. Enjoy a bit of it in the slide show below. (Email subscribers: in order to see the side show, some of you may have to click on the link at the top and visit this post in its original location.)

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