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Food tidbits and gossip for your Thursday entertainment:

  • Home cooks, sharpen those black iron skillets and enter Crave Lexington's Best Home Chef Competition by July 24. Your hour of glory awaits you.
  • Urban gardens sprout in Singapore.
  • Faith Feeds, Central Kentucky's great gleaning group, invites us all to a $25 fundraiser at Wallace Station on Sunday, July 21, 5 PM. Good Wallace Station burgers and dancing on the lawn to live music. Tickets here.
  • Broccoli is President Obama's favorite food, according to this Reuters story: Broccoli Makes a Presidential Comeback
  • Why Healthy Eaters Fall For Fries, by Stephanie Clifford for the New York Times, interested me because it did not answer the question it posed. The article cites different experts who weigh in on reasons we eaters will order food and eat food we know is harmful. Honestly, no one seemed to know. I'm no expert but I'll offer my own three cents: (1) Maybe we like acting out, defying authority, including all those glum health experts. (2) On the other hand, a little tape runs in our heads asking, "If that were really going to kill us, someone would keep them from selling it to us, right? If they're selling it, it must be authorized by somebody, somewhere. If restaurants are offering it, and if other people are eating it, how bad can it really be for me?" (3) We feel sorry for ourselves. Food is a comfort. "Things have been tough. I deserve at least this minor salt/sugar/fat treat today." Nevermind the rationalizations, though. None of them will lead you toward the  wonderful foods that quietly surround us, once we pay attention.
  • Fruits abound at wonderful Reed Valley Orchard. This week blueberries are still in full swing, and black raspberries are abundant, a rare event. Splendid Earligold apples—best for applesauce—try to push perfume-y white peaches and plums off the sales tables at the orchards. Take the kids or some friends. Pick or just pick up the beautiful fruits already picked for you. After 25 years, the Reeds excel at helping Mother Nature pour fantastic flavor into every fruit.
  • "We don't really put things in [milk] to make it a gouda, we just encourage it to become a gouda." Watch as Ed Puterbaugh, one of only four urban cheesemakers in the country, Lexington's Boone Creek Creamery, takes center stage in the most recent episode of Food News & Chews. Chef Jeremy Ashby of Azur Restaurant and Kentucky champion and food impresario Sylvia Lovely mix food and media with good results at both Sunny Side Up radio and Food News & Chews, which runs every Sunday night on Fox 56 at 11:00 PM. You can also watch Food News & Chews episodes on the website.
  • Drinks make the news too: East Tennesseeans embrace moonshine as a moneymaker.

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