Epicurious recently dedicated some thought to wines that pair well with different kinds of grilled cheeses. I eat a grilled cheese sandwich a few times a year. The article said to me, "Now. Today. Use what you have." So I headed to the kitchen to look for ingredients. 

Grilled, gluten-free Kentucky cheese sandwich, with Fra'Mani Salame Rose. All ingredients came from Good Foods Coop.

 I had begun writing this post and editing the photos when I realized that all these cheeses below—in fact, every item in and on my sandwich—came from the wonderful Good Foods Coop. Thanks to our garden, the Lexington Farmers Market, and Good Foods, I can often go to the kitchen and find what I want stashed in pantry, refrigerator or freezer. 

The Coop's cheese selection always impresses, and I keep plenty on hand. Frequent specials make good cheeses more affordable, if one shops diligently (and I don't, always).

Here are a few good Kentucky options out of at least a hundred, each good alone, or, as the Epicurious article suggests, mixed and matched within a single sandwich:

Glutino White Sandwich Bread and Sunflower Sundries mustard, also from Good Foods.

If you're a fan of Garrett Oliver and The Brewmaster's Table, you may decide to pair your grilled cheese with a beer or cider, local or international, from the Coop's huge selection. Rooibee Tea, Kentucky Kombucha or local soft drinks might be good options, too.

I'll confess what drink I prepared for myself as my grilled cheese toasted slowly, slowly in butter. I filled a glass with ice and then plain club soda, and splashed in about two ounces of Foris Vineyards Moscato. The result? Adult grape soda, perfect with grilled cheese. Gary Doernberg at Corner Wine introduced me to this joyous, peachy, slightly bubbly, low alcohol, sustainably grown Oregon delight earlier this summer. I have made a few trips back for more. The Foris Vineyards Muscato is the kind of special, affordable wine that Gary knows how to buy and sell. Tell him Rona sent you.

Sponsors included in this post: Good Foods Coop.

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