1800 Enjoy Second Kentucky Green Living Fair

Sustainable Kentucky's Kentucky Green Living Fair had to grow up fast. It was born one year ago, in an idyllic setting, mostly outdoors, in lovely Pulaski County, Kentucky. Hundreds of people poured in, eager to meet each other and boost their green living savvy and capability. See Savoring Kentucky's photo gallery here.

The 2014 fair more than tripled the first year's attendance and had all the earmarks of an established, grown-up festival: protected indoor space for more than 75 exhibitors and vendors, meeting rooms with projectors and screens for 19 workshops, and music by eight fine live bands. Somerset's huge Center for Rural Development held us comfortably—this year. Watch out if the event's walloping growth continues.

Best of all, the 2014 Kentucky Green Living Fair managed what few other big Kentucky gatherings other than the wonderful Mays Lick Asparagus Festival even attempt: offering patrons excellent food and drink from nearby. We wondered six years ago whether Kentucky food for Kentucky events could happen, and now we know: Yes, if it's a signature event that Jamie Aramini and her dedicated (exhausted) volunteers organize. Yes, indeed.

Faulkner Bent Farm's offerings attracted a long line, and no wonder!

People, people, people! We packed the Center for Rural Development exhibit hall.

People and animals made new friends.

Want to see more, especially all the food options? Visit the gallery.

Rona RobertsComment