Midway Christian’s Christmas Pig



1 120 pound or so dressed shoat or smaller hog head on.

50 pounds assorted fresh sausages

1 pound fresh rosemary

½ cup bay leaves

½ gallon peeled garlic cloves minced

1 cup freshly ground black pepper

1 cup kosher salt—or to taste

4 cups olive oil—plus a little


Holly Wreath for the neck

Sliced oranges

Apple for the mouth

Cherries for the eyes



1. Cut the hog into three parts: head and shoulders, Loin, and hams. Place a ball of tin foil in the hog’s mouth.


2. Pick all the rosemary leaves, combine with the bay leaves in a food processor and grind. Combine the pepper, rosemary, bay and 4 cups of olive oil.


3. Make slits in the hog throughout by piercing the skin with a pairing knife, push the knife in as far as it will go—making a small pocket in the meat. Fill it with rosemary and garlic. Try to make as many as 25 of these slits. Rub the inside cavity of the hog with the black pepper and rosemary mix, adding olive oil if necessary.

Let the meat rest over night.


4. Cover the ears and snout of the hog in tin foil. Roast the head and shoulders in a 300 degree oven for about 6-7 hours or until the meat is falling off the bone.

Roast the loin for about 5 hours until nice and tender. Roast the hams for about 6-7 hours until the meat is falling from the bone.


5. Roast the sausages until cooked through—about 20 minutes. Assemble the hog on a large platter—REALLY large; arrange the sausages coming out of the belly of the hog. Place Holly around his neck as well as small fruits, pears, apples, oranges around the tray for decoration. Remove the foil from his mouth and replace with an apple.


6. Parade around the dining room singing Christmas Carols behind a bag piper.