Lactucis conditis

A vinaigrette for mixed lettuce greens

Original recipe from De honesta voluptate:

They say the divine Augustus was preserved in his time of ill health by the use of lettuce, and no wonder, because it aids digestion and generates better blood than other vegetables. It is eaten cooked or raw. You season raw lettuce this way if it does not need washing, for that is more healthful than what has been washed in water; put in a dish, sprinkle with ground salt, pour in a little oil and more vinegar and eat once. Some add a little mint and parsley to it for seasoning so that it does not seem entirely bland and the excessive chill of the lettuce does not harm the stomach. (Milham, 213)

Modern recipe: Seasoned Lettuce - A Vinaigrette for Mixed Greens


Makes 1 cup


2 Tbsp. fresh mint leaves, chopped

2 Tbsp. fresh parsley, chopped

1 tsp. freshly ground pepper

1 shallot, minced

1 tsp. salt—or to taste

2/3 cup  olive oil

1/3cup red wine vinegar



1. Combine all ingredients except the oil in a blender. Puree on high.


2. Drizzle in the oil with the motor running. Use on your favorite salad.


Ingredients for Midway’s Epiphany Salad

Serves 8

8 cups of baby lettuces- ours are locally raised, or your favorite lettuce

2 eggs, boiled, peeled and sliced

1 bulb fennel, sliced thin, fronds reserved and chopped

edible flowers for garnish—marigolds or pansies.



1. Clean and dry the greens, watercress is especially good.

2. Combine with the shaved fennel and chopped fennel tops.

3. Garnish with sliced egg and blooms—a word of caution you must use specifically edible blooms. Many others are heavily treated with pesticides.

4. Dress with the parsley and mint vinaigrette.