Kristy and Steve Matherly of Lexington's Sunrise Bakery: HWC-2017-03-07

We invited Kristy and Steve Matherly, owners of Sunrise Bakery at 111 Main Street in Lexington, Kentucky, to Hot Water Cornbread: Kentucky Food Radio. We asked them to tell us their story. It's a wonderful show. Listen here

Steve and Kristy Matherly of Lexington's cherished Sunrise Bakery

Steve and Kristy Matherly of Lexington's cherished Sunrise Bakery

Learn how they met and which one had to persist, persist, persist to win the other's favor. Hear about their long-time family connections to cooking, gardening, baking and superb food, extending back at least to their grandparents and continuing on with their own young sons. Hula hoops, dancing, biking, yoga make appearances. These two beautiful people prove it is possible to make splendiferous breads, sandwiches, cookies, pastries, cannoli, bagels, cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes and more while staying healthy.

It's not easy to pin down magic, so we won't promise you will learn how to make your own space as welcoming as Sunrise Bakery is, but one hint comes when Kristy says, "They aren't 'customers.' They are family."

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