Alma Kajtazovic of Sorella Gelateria: HWC-2017-06-13

Listen here to this episode with Alma Kajtazovic of Sorella Gelateria.

From left, Chris Michel, Ouita Michel, Alma Kajtazovic

From left, Chris Michel, Ouita Michel, Alma Kajtazovic

We've admired Alma Kajtazovic for years, for her work to build community as well as her financial and management smarts, used on behalf of arts and good causes. Since December 2015, we have had new reasons for awe and amazement: hazelnut, strawberry, whipped cream, espresso, simply bourbon, caramel latte, mango, raspberry, peach, salted caramel . . . and more flavors of exquisite gelato, served up at Sorella Gelateria, 219. North Limestone in Lexington. Alma and her sister Selma Sulejmanagic own and manage Sorella (which means "sisters" in Italian).

Today we welcomed Alma into the WLXU studio at Lexington Community Radio to talk about her background, how she and Selma divide and share the work of preparing and distributing perfect gelato to both retail and wholesale customers, and what it's like to be chillin' in a new-old space on the fired up culinary corridor of Lexington's Limestone Street.

Enjoy the sweetness!

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