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Sarah Gleason (scroll down after you click), Director of Marketing and Communications for the Savory Institute, moved to Lexington a few months ago—just weeks before she started her own bison herd with a South Dakota partner. Yes, she lives a big life! Ouita and Chris Michel and I invited Sarah to be our guest on Hot Water Cornbread: Kentucky Food Radio, and she generously joined us this week. This post has a lot of links in it, to the recording of the radio show first of all, and then to more information about Savory Global, a large scale effort to use carefully managed herds and flocks of livestock to regenerate grasslands, reduce deserts, feed more people, support more farms, and sequester enough carbon to rescue our planet. Yes, Savory Global's mission is huge, controversial, and mesmerizing. Enjoy discovering along with us. [Dearly beloved email subscribers: you may want to click the link at the top of your email page and go to the website version of this blog post so it will be easier to get the benefits of this post.]

Here's a short video introduction to a worldwide event held recently in Colorado. Some of the main Savory Global themes come through here, including how each of us can, literally, save the world with each bite and each buy.

For more depth, here are five suggestions.

Watch Allan Savory's 22-minute 2013 TED Talk at You will see that you are joining nearly 4 million others who have watched so far.

Watch these four themed videos (which all share the same opening 3 minutes):

The Story of Meat

The Story of Dairy

The Story of Wool

The Story of Leather

For one thing, I was amazed, and perhaps you will be as well, at the assertions about the importance of fashion in the global economy, coupled with optimism about fashion's potential for positive world change. I am used to thinking in quite different terms about fashion.

Finally, learn more about a current Savory Institute crowd-funding initiative aimed at making it easier for buyers to identify and support producers who practice earth-regenerating agriculture. This is a crowdfunding campaign, and the page contains lots of information.

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