Ronni Lundy, Ouita and Chris on Appalachian Cuisine, Hindman Settlement School, and Dumplin's! Podcast HWC-2016-12-06

The weekend before this show, Ouita, Chris and our wonderful guest Ronni Lundy went to Hindman Settlement School for the second annual Dumplin's and Dancin' weekend, learning and celebrating Appalachian food, culture, craft, art and resilience. We're so glad they did! Ronni's 2016 book, Victuals, teaches and inspires us to honor the Appalachian roots of what makes Kentucky food distinctively Kentuckian.

If you want to share some love and support, contribute to the fundamental costs of keeping Lexington Community Radio (and WLXU and WLXL) on the air.  And join Hindman Settlement School's Cornerstone Campaign to be part of strengthening a critical resource for its next 100 years of service to Appalachia.

Photo credit: Pableaux Johnson. Thank you!

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