Rob Perez, DV8 Kitchen, HWC-2018-07-03

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After Rob Perez (a) kicked an addiction at age 25, and (b) succeeded in the high pressure/big brand world of Hard Rock Cafe, ESPN and Disney and more, he moved to Lexington, Kentucky. At first he worked with an outstanding Applebee's restaurant franchisee. Not long after, in 2008, Rob and his wife Diane Perez opened Saul Good Restaurant and Pub, which has grown to three locations in Lexington.

Diane and Rob have witnessed first hand the devastation of addiction among their family of restaurant employees. This, coupled with Rob's recovery and their faith commitments led them to open DV8 Kitchenβ€”"life-changing food"β€”in the summer of 2017. DV8 produces delicious, crowd-pleasing foods using an employment model that offers second chance jobs and encouragement to people recovering from substance abuse. 

In this compelling episode, Rob Perez, grandson of a Mexican migrant farm worker, tells us about the path to DV8. We also get some hints about what he hopes comes next.


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