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Podcast 37: The Stunning GOODness of Good Foods Coop: With Kristy Maggard

At Hot Water Cornbread, we love and value Good Foods Coop so much we told our wonderful guest all about our favorite things: bulk buying, spices, butter options, 7,600 owners and counting, fair trade coffees (all of them!), Kentucky dairy . . . We're grateful that Kristy Maggard, Marketing Manager at Good Foods, was patient with us!

Kristy tells a bit of her own background during the podcast. She also talks about the excellence of the Coop's present (sixth!) location on vibrant Southland Drive, and about ways Good Foods is changing to make sure more people can afford to shop there. Kristy smiled a great deal while talking about the feasibility study presently underway to help the elected board decide about a second Coop location in Lexington. We smiled back - can't wait to learn the results!

Spending nearly an hour talking about the wonder that is 44-year old Good Foods Coop left us wishing for more time to add reasons the Coop is remarkable: the popular café, the very active deli, the loooooong daily salad bar and hot bar—though we did give a shout-out to the infallibly good daily kale—the education offerings, sampling days, Owner Appreciation Days, spectacular local and international cheeses, the excellent and wildly diverse items offered to people on a wide array of special diets, extensive selection of fermented drinks (beer, cider, kombucha and more), the large wellness section, special ordering, and more.

Oh yes - Kristy bribed us with food and gifts. Special thanks to the Coop's Prepared Food Manager Shannon Willard-Bartlett, who sent adorable house-made baby Blueberry Cornbreads and an incomparable array of cupcakes with tall icing, many of them gluten-free. That's all it takes to make Hot Water Cornbread hosts and others at the studio sigh with happiness.

Enjoy this hour with us.

In the Lexington Community Radio studios, from left, Chris Michel, Ouita Michel, Kristy Maggard, Danielle Doak, Rona Roberts

In the Lexington Community Radio studios, from left, Chris Michel, Ouita Michel, Kristy Maggard, Danielle Doak, Rona Roberts

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