Podcast 24: Ouita Michel's Influencers: HWC-2016-03-08

We start out this show with the intention of helping listeners get to know more of the "why" of Chef Ouita Michel, a central figure in the newly emerging regional food system in central Kentucky—and a Hot Water Cornbread co-host. We focus on Ouita because we are focusing on women who make historic differences during this marvelous Women's History Month, 2016. And then what happens?

We learn about men who rescued Ouita's family near New Orleans, when Ouita was two and her parents not quite yet into their 20s. We learn how this generous, good Samaritan act changed Ouita and her family forever after. Then we learn about how two male professors at UK set in motion much of the big picture viewing that Ouita brings to her work as a chef, employer, restaurateur, advocate, and public intellectual. We're looking at you, Dr. Ernie Yanarella and Dr. Herb Reid.

Just goes to remind us all at the same time: radio is alive. So many exciting and good ideas come up in the studios of Lexington Community Radio. And, by the way, we did get around to talking about women with big impact both on Ouita and on our world of food.

Rona RobertsComment