Podcast 48: Nicole Breazeale: How Do We Break Out of the Ivory Tower?

Nicole Breazeale, Ph.D., teaches sociology at the Glasgow, Kentucky campus of Western Kentucky University, and she teaches so inventively and with such excellence she recently became a finalist for a national award honoring faculty who use community engagement as one important basis for teaching and learning. In this podcast we learn about Project Breaking Ground, based inside and on the grounds of a local jail, why permaculture offers former inmates a more vital set of work opportunities than commodity agriculture, how hugulkultur beds beat regular raised beds, how swell swales are, the crucial reasoning behind investing in students who attend regional campuses of state universities or community colleges, and much more. Nicole is brilliant, committed and experienced—and terrific at describing her work in ways we can understand.

Enjoy this podcast. We posted quite a few links to programs or efforts Nicole describes during the show on the Hot Water Cornbread facebook page. Scroll to posts made during the week of September 13, 2016. Nicole also provided these:

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