Martine's Pastries, with Martine and Jim Holzman, 9-5-17

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Martine and Jim Holzman own Martine's Pastries, a storied business in Lexington, Kentucky. Hall of Fame Baker Martine Holzman grew up in a tiny French village, where her father farmed with a draft horse and tended an orchard and vineyard along with vegetables, rabbits, chickens and more. Family dinners on her farm sounds just the way we expect real French food to sound: a soup—perhaps potato-leek, then a small piece of fish, perhaps with beurre blanc; a small piece of meat, perhaps in wine sauce; then always a salad with vinaigrette dressing; then a tray of cheeses (Martine was the family's designated cheese selector) and a dessert. Every night. These were homemade meals, prepared from food grown on their farm or nearby (except for the cheeses). 

Martine and her husband and business partner Jim tell us how they met, describe their families’ responses to their cross-Atlantic union, and explain a bit about the likely source of Martine’s gift for fine cakes, pastries and confections. For their welcome presence in Kentucky we can thank Jim’s interest in the world class rock climbing at our spectacular Red River Gorge.

Martine launched fabled Martine’s Pastries in 1999. Jim joined her in the business in 2001, taking a one-year sabbatical from his commercial real estate business, and then he stayed with Martine's. These two wonderful people also preview their upcoming expansion into a full-service café in Lexington’s renewing East End.

Enjoy all the sweetness of this episode.

Photos provided by Martine's. Thank you.

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