Kristin Ingwell-Goode, HWC: 2018-03-18

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From left, Kristin Ingwell-Goode, Ouita Michel, Chris Michel

From left, Kristin Ingwell-Goode, Ouita Michel, Chris Michel

Kristin Ingwell-Goode serves as Corporate and Foundation Relationships Officer for God's Pantry Food Bank, which works with partner agencies to get 32-34 million pounds of food each year to people who need it in 50 central and eastern Kentucky counties. Kristin explained that food banks source and manage this extraordinary amount of food, while food pantries—also called "partner agencies"—connect food directly to people who need it. God's Pantry Food Bank works with 250 partners agencies to provide 123,000 meals each working day to Kentuckians who are food insecure. Kristin says people who are "food insecure" do not know for sure that they have enough food to feed everyone in their home. In Lexington-Fayette County, around 49,000 people are food insecure. That's nearly 16 percent of our neighbors.

Kristin took a strong interest in both cooking and gardening as she was growing up in Indiana. She also loved horses, and that love eventually brought her to Lexington. Kristin held writing and editing jobs in Lexington before going to work for God's Pantry Food Bank ten years ago. She served as editor for Smiley Pete Publishing, and wrote a regular column there, "In Season," that we wish we could access today. One of her columns, written in 2012, does remain available online. In "The Pride of Barren County," Kristin describes the path Kenny Mattingly followed to produce his beloved Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese in Austin, Kentucky, near Glasgow. One of the people who praises Kenny's cheese in that article? Chef Ouita Michel.

We enjoyed re-connecting with Kristin, learning more about her important work, and now sharing that information with you.

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