Janice D'Souza: Cooking Mangalorean Food Using (Mostly) Kentucky Ingredients HWC-2018-01-23

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Janice D'souza. Photo provided.

Janice D'souza. Photo provided.

It's hard to have more fun than we had when brilliant women's rights activist Janice D'souza joined us in the Lexington Community Radio studio to describe her weeknight cooking habits. Janice and her husband Jordan Engel use Kentucky-grown ingredients to cook from the Mangalorean (south Indian) cuisine of Janice's early years.

The three of us who host the show cook frequently for our own families, using Kentucky-grown ingredients. We organize our food purchasing so we are supporting local growers as much as possible. We get excited when we learn about new flavors we can bring to our Kentucky tables, adding just a few delicious, high-flavor ingredients like fresh grated coconut, chilis, garlic, ginger, and spices, all available locally and online. (If you, too, cook often at home and use Kentucky ingredients as often as possible, be in touch. We want to tell more stories about Kentuckians cooking from Kentucky's abundance.)

After the show, Janice generously worked with Rona to document the ingredients and methods she and Jordan use in a typical weeknight meal at their house. See the results here. And enjoy this show. It's wonderful.

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