Janet Tietyen Mullins and Doug Mullins, HWC-2018-05-22

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Doug and Janet Mullins each have towering profiles in Kentucky food. Janet is a powerhouse professor at the University of Kentucky's Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. Doug has created a new, crucial role at the Ouita Michel Family of Restaurants, serving as the first Chief Operating Officer for the expanding central Kentucky group.

In this invigorating episode, we get hints—but no REAL information—about morel mushroom locations, hear how Janet and Doug met, and immerse ourselves in learning about their shared passion and joint work in Adjeikrom, Ghana. Since 2000, Janet and colleagues in UK's School of Human Environmental Sciences, along with Kentucky Extension Homemakers, the Student Dietetics and Nutrition Association and others, have invested in efforts to improve the lives of young children and families in Adjeikrom, the home village of Esther Addo, whose husband, Dr. Kwaku Addo, taught in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Doug joined this work after he and Janet met. When they married, they requested that their friends and loved ones donate to the project in lieu of wedding gifts.

Doug and Janet have raised money to put a school feeding program in place at a kindergarten. They have been named honorary elders, and are now working to establish food production sites near the school.

Chief Doug and Queen Mother Janet visit Adjeikrom regularly. Doug typically spends time there each spring. Janet takes a group of students there on a life-changing study tour every other year. Kentucky connecting to Ghana in ways beneficial to all: part of the food leadership of this extraordinary couple.

Enjoy the episode!

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