Harriet Dupree: Caterer Extraordinare, Entrepreneur, Champion of Good Causes: HWC-2017-11-21

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The fabulous Harriet Dupree in the WLXU studio at  Lexington Community Radio . Photo credit Ouita Michel.

The fabulous Harriet Dupree in the WLXU studio at Lexington Community Radio. Photo credit Ouita Michel.

Listen to this delicious show featuring people who know more about food—and Kentucky food—than all the rest of us put together. Harriet Dupree started a soup and sandwich business in college and tried other work after college, but hated it. Her parents, unlike many, cheered when she declared her intention to go to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in London. She worked as a private chef for a former governor and a former Miss America, helped develop recipes for commercial ready-to-cook chicken, co-owned a fast casual chicken restaurant, launched and sold a meal preparation franchise, and played the leadership role in raising funds to expand and stabilize Lexington's crucial Living Arts and Science Center.

More than anything, though, Harriet built her catering company, Dupree Catering, into the very definition of excellence, flavor, and style. Ouita once worked for Harriet, a subject that comes up during the show. Harriet shares experiences, stories, and food how-to generously on this episode.


Listen to this episode here.

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