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Corn, Cornmeal and Philip Weisenberger of Historic Weisenberger Mill: HWC-2017-04-04

Listen to Corn, Cornmeal, and Weisenberger Mill's Philip Weisenberger: HWC-2017-04-04. (Click the white arrow in the red circle to play a recording of the show.) 

One of many millstones near Weisenberger Mill, Scott County, Kentucky

One of many millstones near Weisenberger Mill, Scott County, Kentucky

From the excellent Anson Mills (SC) website:

Arguably, corn possesses the most culinary diversity of any grain. From corn flour to very coarse grits, whole hominy to hominy grits, nixtamal to masa to chicas, parch meal to ancient roasting corns—the range of exciting foods within the vast cuisine of corn is astounding. 

Corn had flourished in the Americas for millennia before European settlers came, and came to depend on it. Cornmeal forms the crucial foundation of hundreds of thousands of meals in Kentucky daily. We talked with Philip Weisenberger, a sixth generation miller at historic Weisenberger Mill in Scott County. We learned about the ways the Mill has been sustainably rebuilt and kept operational. We traveled with an imaginary corn kernel (from Kentucky, and non-GMO) as it makes its way from a farm in Hardin or Logan Counties to the top floor at Weisenberger, and down and back multiple times before it's ready for hungry customers. We get Philip's favorite cornbread recipe!

Enjoy the show.

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