Brian Luftman HWC-2018-05-29

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From left, Chris Michel, Ouita Michel, Brian Luftman

From left, Chris Michel, Ouita Michel, Brian Luftman

It's tempting to say simply, "Listen and be amazed." But since you might not, just because we say so, we'll give generous hints.

Hint 1: Brian Luftman, visionary. Founder and president of American Farm Investors and co-founder and active manager of Never Say Die Bourbon. Lexington native. Not a farmer, not a son of farmers, no 4-H, no FFA.

Hint 2: Farmer School. And by that we mean a degree in finance from the Farmer School of Business at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Hint 3: Chicago Mercantile Exchange, live cattle options pit, market-maker, his own proprietary trading company. 4 AM wake-ups to learn the business. "Derivatives for anyone in the country who wanted to hedge their cattle"—nope, we won't be explaining here. Just listen.

Hint 4: Visionary-ness. Return to Kentucky. Locating, managing and syndicating investments in grain-producing Kentucky farmland. Feeding top quality grain into the bourbon pipeline in the bourbon state.

Hint 5: Bourbon (again). A Bluegrass colt that had a hard beginning and then made it big, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, 33 - 1.

Hint 6: A legendary band from Liverpool. "Let me tell you this story about a horse, and how it started a legendary rock band."  

Hint 7: Wilderness Trail Distillery. A bourbon for Britain.

That's a lot of hints! Seven lucky ones. Listen here, and enjoy this wonderful episode.


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