Podcast 49: Travis Robinson Scratches the Surface on Raising Backyard Chickens

This week Travis Robinson came to the studio to tell our community about the Cooperative of Lexington Urban Chicken Keepers—CLUCK—and its sixth tour of coops on September 25: the "chicken chase" along Lexington's Sixth Street. And then we talked about chickens in backyards in town.

We learned, for starters, that chickens stay plenty warm in cold weather, but need unfrozen water available to them at all times. We learned that trees around their space are good, because they offer some protection from predator raptors. We learned that after finding no reliable source of organic food for chickens in Lexington, Travis has launched Floyd's Farm & Home, adding to his many other responsibilities (Assistant Director at the International Museum of the Horse, and president of the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association, to name two.)

Oh, and we learned that raising chickens for eggs does not save money. And we didn't talk about the fact that cheap eggs in supermarkets are falsely cheap; we all pay the true costs of producing those cheap eggs in other ways. (Other shows and podcasts take up those themes and explain in detail.) BUT the eggs from backyards offer superior taste and nutrition. Yes, they do.

Gratitude to Lexington Community Radio's wonderful Rosa Paulin for helping us get going at the outset (we were missing you, cohost Chris Michel.) And thank you to STEAM Academy junior and Lexington Community Radio intern Clay Ainsley for pitching in to co-host and run the board.

Rona RobertsComment