21c Lexington Turns 1, and Cooper and Kings Launches Ideal Bartender School

Photo credit: Cooper and Kings

Photo credit: Cooper and Kings

21c Museum Hotel Lexington opened one year ago: time for a birthday bash. Chef Jonathan Searle of Lockbox, the hotel's acclaimed restaurant, paid a second visit to Hot Water Cornbread to describe plans for the party (on March 17 during Lexington's Gallery Hop, 5 - 8 PM) and reflect on his first year at Lockbox. Then we dialed up Jenn Desjardins, of Cooper and Kings American Brandy in Louisville, to learn about the upcoming Ideal Bartender School, inspired by Louisville native Tom Bullock's legendary hospitality and his influential book of cocktail recipes, published 100 years ago.   

From Copper and King's press release about the Ideal Bartender School:

[T]he initiative will offer select individuals with disadvantaged economic means a free 14-week bartending course developed and curated by Copper & Kings. The rigorous course, limited to 20 people in need of economic mobility, will teach the disciplines of the hospitality profession.

The deadline for applications is March 31. View the course schedule and syllabus, and apply or share this news with others. The course begins May 10, just after Derby. Naturally!

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