From left, Chris Michel, Ouita Michel, Willa Michel, Ashley Smith, Lacreesha Berry, Rona Roberts

From left, Chris Michel, Ouita Michel, Willa Michel, Ashley Smith, Lacreesha Berry, Rona Roberts


A bit of information about early podcasts, with links...

21. February 16, 2016: Local based national chef Brigitte Nguyen Prather brings her extraordinary mother, Mai Tran, to talk about Vietnamese food, cooking, having "good hands," and how to "bake" a turkey in a corporate office demonstration, using nothing more than a work table . . . and a bit of preparation.

20. February 9, 2016: Legendary apple pancakes and their debt to Africa. Sorghum Berbere Ice Cream. Lexpecto Patronum's Winter Wizarding Ball, with Harry Potter-themed meal.

19. February 2, 2016: Ouita Michel lays out the known facts about two presidents' enslaved chefs: Hercules (George Washington) and James Hemings (Thomas Jefferson).

18. January 26, 2016: The role a spider played in a famous local election (with local writer Gregory Pettit). Early Lexington Farmers Market stories, with former mayor Pam Miller. Accelerating Appalachia with Sara Day Evans.

17. January 19, 2016: Crystal Wilkinson. Harvard debate coach and vegan chef inventor Sherry Hall. Bread, no-knead and otherwise.

16. January 12, 2016: Nordic cuisine. David Bowie.

15. January 5, 2016: Dan Wu, Culinary Evangelist. Flavors that satisfy in fresh way for the fresh year.

14. December 29, 2015: Champagne's secret history, black-eyed peas' secret history, Kentucky food system's up-and-down 2015 history.

13. December 22, 2015: Smithtown Seafood sous chef Agnes Marerro, Puerto Rican Navidad foods, food gifts crafted from salt and oil.

12. December 15, 2015: FoodChain, a gift to our community that plans big expansion in 2016; food gifts for those who fear cooking. With Becca Self.

11. December 8, 2015: Hanukkah foods cooked in oil? Start in 1260 with fried salty cheese, possibly ricotta. Potatoes for latkes show up much later. With Shana Sippy and Rosie Moosnick.

10. December 1, 2015: Christmas family food traditions, and the shocking (really) origins of the holiday. With Crystal Wilkinson.

9. November 24, 2015: Talking true, heritage turkey with guest Mac Stone. Then gravy.

8. November 17, 2015: Deep dishing about cassoulet, Thanksgiving menu and prep.

7. November 10, 2015: Gardening that grows healthy people, with special guests Bruce Mundy and Kate Black.

6. November 3, 2015: Election food and drink. Thank elections for Prohibition. Fats for cooking. Special guest Crystal Wilkinson

5. October 27, 2015: Kentucky Sorghum's wonderfulness, with special guest Randal Rock, national champion sorghum maker

4. October 20: 2015: Kentucky barbecue. Our first caller-in. Special guest Sherry Maddock

3. October 13, 2015: Pumpkin Beignets, Louis Armstrong's favorite foods and Lexington presence

2. October 6, 2015: Oyster-tucky. Green Tomato Pie (lots of whiskey). Nachomama's Cornbread, with guests Lacresha Berry and Ashley Smith

1. September 29, 2015: Wild Fig Jam and Papal Food Preferences, with guest Crystal Wilkinson