Honey Roasted Baked Chicken

Chicken marinated in white grape juice & baked in honey

Original recipe from Apicius, De Re Coquinaria:


Serves 6-8


1 bone in Chicken breast per person or 2 whole birds cut into legs, thighs, breasts and wings

 ¼ cup minced Garlic

4 cups White Grape Juice

1 Tbsp. Salt – or to taste

1 Tbsp. Freshly ground black pepper

½  cup Olive Oil

1 cup Honey 




1. Lay the chicken pieces out in a shallow dish. If using white and dark meat—keep them separated. Place the legs and thighs in one pan with the wings and the breasts in one pan.

2. Combine the olive oil and garlic. Massage into the chicken, making sure to coat the pieces.

3. Season with salt. Pour the white grape juice over the chicken, turning to coat. Cover and let marinate over night.

4. Drain the marinade and boil it until reduced by ¾.

5. Toss the chicken in the honey and reduced marinade. Sprinkle with pepper. Lay out on sheet pans and roast in a 350 degree oven until done. Breasts will take about 20 minutes depending upon size and other parts will take about 45 minutes depending upon size. The honey should caramelize and skin roast to a golden brown. Increase the temperature of your oven a bit if you need more color.


This marinade is also great for grilled chicken instead of roasted.  Optional garnishes are pomegranate seeds, toasted pine nuts and cilantro leaves.