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Tomatoes- Kentucky's Rainbow of deliciousness

History of the tomato

Native to Aztecs- First tomato from Peru- wild tomatoes still found there. "Nahuatl" Ancient Aztec language called them- Tomatl.

Spread to Europe by Spanish explorers- mid to late 16th century- Southern Europe more quickly accepted the tomato

Northern Areas of Europe saw the tomato as poisonous- often confused with the deadly nightshade plant and had a resemblance to the Wolf Peach a member of night shade family- that was toxic-- mainly grown for ornamental purposes

Also- Rich used pewter flatware and plateware full of lead- the acids from the tomato leached out the lead and caused lead poisoning-- often death. The Poor ate from wood- no toxicity there By Mid 16th century- Nepalese cookbooks were publishing recipes for tomatoes

Thomas Jefferson sent back tomato seeds from Paris- and grew tomatoes at Monticello, but its unclear if they made their way to the kitchen. difference parts of early America ate Tomatoes- usually Southern gardens grew a few- but not in New England colonies where they were considered poisonous.

1800s- Europeans brought the tomato's increased popularity to US- Pizza a vital role there--

Alexander Livingston- late 1800s help commercialize varieties of tomatoes that were smooth, red, and more uniform. "The Paragon" and "The Acme" tomato were two of his over 20 varieties that he cultivated and sold. He popularized the tomato as garden plant- his varietiies now would be considered an heirloom plant

Fruit vs. Vegetable- The tomato is botanically a berry fruit- but US Supreme Court declared it a vegetable- story

Heirloom Tomatoes- what's the definition? - Self pollinators that have grown true for 40 years. You should be able to save the seeds from one growing season to the next and planted they will re-germinate. This isn't true with most commercial hybrids that have to be replanted year after year from new seed.

7500 varieties of tomato

Americans eat 12 million pounds of tomatoes

Tomato tips and recipes

How to Peel a tomato

Draining sliced tomatoes

drying little tomatoes with olive oil

Using the right tomato for the right job- plums and pears vs. Beefsteaks and Brandwines

Tomato Pie

Tomatoes and Eggs

Scalloped tomatoes

Tomato Sauce for Angel Hair- raw Tomato Sauce Cooked

Tomato Water and its joys

Tomato salsas and salads