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Bell Peppers are super high in vitamin C and all the carotenoids and their nutrients. Peppers and tomatoes are on par with each other and are a great source of antioxidants

Simple Method for Roasted Peppers: char on an open fire or in a very hot oven. Baste in a bit of olive oil- roast, place in a bowl covered with Saran wrap until cool enough to handle. Peel. Its best if you can get the peel off without rinsing, because this washes away flavor. you can slice the peppers and toss with olive oil and basil leaf until ready to use. Eat them over goat cheese or with fresh mozzarella, or

Piperade: Basically a pepper stew with onions, garlic, tomato, spicy paprika or smoked paprika if you like. the eggplant caviar recipe can be modified and used as a piperade recipe by eliminating the eggplant and adding 1 more cup of sweet peppers. I love piperade with grilled chicken or poached eggs

Sweet pepper purees: Slow cooking the peppers- 1 color per puree, a little white wine, ollive oil, thyme, salt, shallot or onion, a little garlic until all are quite soft- puree in blender, strain. You can add a little butter to enrich the sauce, or stir together with mayo or yogurt for a creamy result.