What a Saturday! The earth moved. Along with trees, blueberries, elderberries, raspberries, red currants, hazelnuts, and flowers.

Neighbors and Volunteers from Around the USA Plant New Fruits

Neighbors and Volunteers from Around the USA Plant New Fruits

Never, ever, ever, have I seen so much happening all at once north of Main. See photo gallery here. Saturday, April 25, 2009, was Clean Up America day - and we did.

Who showed up to plant things, clean up, take down dangerous trees, celebrate family learning, and invest in our future food self-reliance and good health? People who live here, study here, worship here, intern here, or just came for the day all pitched into a glorious explosion of big projects. LexFusion (young people) and Communality (more young people), Transylvania University students in a philosophy class called "The Individual in Society" (or something close), a fraternity full of strong looking fellows who had reportedly had an exciting Friday night, Seedleaf, Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association, Living Arts and Science Center (children, families), and -- winner of the Most Audible prize -- an amazing number of big trucks and big equipment from a large number of Lexington's tree service companies.

No words for a day like this - it will move us forward more steps than we can count. A thousand "thank-yous" to the dozens who sweated for posterity.