Volunteer Farming: The Bluegrass is On It

Hoop House at UK South Farm

Hoop House at UK South Farm

Our fearless leaders and wonderful friends at Seedleaf pitched in across two weekends in a Hoop House Raising near Lexington. I am so happy that hoop houses are coming to private farms in the Bluegrass, and that the wonders of collaboration continue to accelerate farming capacity in the 21st century. Read about the experience in these two Seedleaf posts: Part 1: A Hoop What?? Part 2: Hoop House Part ii

Savoring Kentucky (which means a single human working comfortably indoors in a temperature-controlled location no matter what season) has been chomping at the edge of the pitifully empty locally grown winter salad plate for quite a while, as you can see here, pleading with already overwhelmed growers to add hoop houses (and months more work) so central Kentuckians can enjoy greens in winter. Just like the lucky people in Warren County have been doing for 13 years or so, courtesy of Au Naturel Farm's hoop-house grown winter greens.

Seedleaf Education Director Becca Self spotted this interesting New York Times article, Field Report: Plow Shares, describing the work of a "Crop Mob," a crew of 50 volunteers who came to work at a small farm. Author Christine Muhlke also calls the volunteers "pop-up farmers" and says the event is "a monthly word-of-mouth (and -Web) event in which landless farmers and the agricurious descend on a farm for an afternoon."