Sugar and Spice

Sorghum Cookies

Sorghum Cookies

The spices we love in Molasses Crinkles -- ginger, cinnamon, cloves -- are far from locally grown for those of us in the Bluegrass State. Yet they taste like home. When I lived literally on the other side of the world in the Philippines, I asked for and received cinnamon bought in Kentucky so I could make a few familiar tasting foods. That cinnamon, perhaps grown in Sri Lanka, may have circled the world twice to reach me.

Spices, citrus, coffee, tea, sugar - I treasure these precious foods from "away," even as I eat more and more foods that are locally grown. It is odd to realize that cinnamon and apples do not grow in the same parts of the world, yet taste as if they were literally made for each other.

Similarly, Kentucky's sorghum tastes wonderful with spices from the other side of the world. In fact thanks to a tip from a beautiful niece, I learned that Kentucky Living magazine has declared "Molasses Cookies" the best of 299 favorite cookie recipes readers submitted.

And while we are avoiding worries about food miles for a few minutes -- and thinking about holiday cookies -- visit Gourmet Magazine's wondrous listing of the best cookie recipe from every year since the magazine began in 1941. Will anyone try baking every one of the 67 recipes? Perhaps that's a recipe in itself for a fun community event or fund raiser for some good cause.

Photo Credit: MAR -- Thank you!