Sticking With Caramel

Truffles from Viburnum Valley Farm Confections

Truffles from Viburnum Valley Farm Confections

Caramel kisses to Elaine Shay and Marianne Swintosky, whose wonderful candies are Savoring Kentucky favorites. Lexington Herald-Leader food writer Sharon Thompson featured the new company's newest chocolate-caramel-Bourbon-smoked-sea-salt truffle in the lead spot in today's food section. Because Herald-Leader links expire after a week, we'll quote the best part instead of linking to the story (and we'll add a few links for you):

Shay and Marianne Swintosky of Georgetown opened their candy company last fall. Swintosky makes a rich, velvety caramel and folds it into a dark chocolate ganache that's coated with Jamieson's chocolate, and topped with bits of bourbon-smoked sea salt from Bourbon Barrel Foods. Call (859) 312-1157 or go to

The candy will be available at the Lexington Farmers Market at Victorian Square on Saturday.

And what is Saturday, boys and girls? (This question is on every reputable EQ test): Yes, excellent! It's Valentine's Day! Which means you can, all at the same time, by buying Viburnum Valley Confections, (1) make yourself smile, (2) "gift" someone you treasure with beautiful fresh local confections, and (3) support a new local business that supports other local businesses.

If you find you like crunchy salt on chocolate or caramel, you are in good company with our new Prez, whose palate apparently matches his politics in accommodating two different value systems at the same time.

One more little gift: A sound track for your Valentine's Day. Stream NPR's 100-song Make Out Mix -- a sweet-salty mix of its own, good solo or ensemble.