Stella's Lucky Eggs

Stella, age 7, Egg Entrepreneur

Stella, age 7, Egg Entrepreneur

Uh-oh! Among my friends who enjoy arguing with each other about who is Kentucky's  Cutest Farmer, the contest is over. Meet  Oldham County farm girl entrepreneur, Stella Musselman, age 7. Stella grows Leghorn, Araucana, and Brahma hens at Ashbourne Farms in LaGrange, Kentucky, near Louisville.

Mondays and Thursdays, Stella rushes from school to sell her brand-name Lucky Eggs at the Temple Farmers Market. Stella branded her beautiful eggs to reflect how often she finds double -- and even triple -- yolks inside.

Stella's parents, Layla and Austin Musselman, produce their own excellent farm products to sell direct to consumers as well as specialty markets and restaurants nearby. On Ashbourne Farms' 1400 historic acres, the Musselmans produce grassfed beef from their mix of Shorthorn and Black Angus cattle. By the summer of 2010, they expect to add Red Wattle hogs, a heritage breed, to their line of pastured pork.

I admire the tasty blend of past, present and future that the Musselmans are brewing at Ashbourne Farms. And I particularly admire Stella, owner and manager of Lucky Eggs. Stella's enthusiasm for her eggs makes me feel lucky, too. May she and thousands of other Kentucky youngsters prosper, helping us feed ourselves from Kentucky's bounty.

Special appreciation to a special friend for the story tip and the priceless photo.