Stand Facing the Science Book - Or the Solar Cooker



The fact that kitchens run on science as well as art appeals to me. So I enjoyed Kenneth Chang's New York Times story, "At the Stove, a Dash of Science, a Pinch of Folklore", which (again) features biochemist and food scientist Shirley Corriher. The title of the piece reminded me (again) that I intend to read a book that has a memorable title: Stand Facing the Stove, by Anne Mendelson. It tells the story of the women who changed the world by writing and publishing Joy of Cooking, a tale that goes somewhat beyond joy into other emotions, according to snippets I have read. Still - since I may have cooked more meals with Joy than with any other recipe guide, I'm intrigued.

I had stoves in mind because of the amazing offerings at Lehman's online. From dutiful wood-burning cookstoves like The Artisan Wood-Burning Cookstove, $6295 in either black or cream, plus shipping, to gilded wonders like The Enterprise Monarch, $7,995 with the reservoir - and you do want that reservoir, plus 9% for freight costs -- all the way to a solar cooker: Deluxe Sun Oven ($249). I don't know about the shipping, but sunpower sounds good, no?

Photo credit: Masta4560 -- Thank you!