Sorghum, sweet source of happiness

I got a little carried away, writing my October Nougat story on sorghum. The main thing to me is that sorghum has a future, not just a past. For example, vegans can eat sorghum. I wonder if babies can, too, even though they cannot eat honey. My father tells me, "When I was little, I just about lived on sorghum. That's all I really liked." He's 95 3/4 now, so perhaps the claims about minerals and antioxidants are true. A knob of butter, a pour of sorghum, mash together, put on a biscuit or cornbread or spoonbread, or eat it with your spoon. It is that amazingly good.

I'll be visiting sorghum mills and cooking operations in the next few days. I discovered a huge Kentucky list (formerly but not presently online) of tiny sorghum producers, and it looks like pure gold to me. Syrup-y, slurp-y gold.

Thank you, Kentucky Department of Agriculture. What a list!