School Lunches Should Be Savory, Too

Gorgeous Kentucky Lettuces from Steve's Plants

Gorgeous Kentucky Lettuces from Steve's Plants

Savoring Kentucky has decided to ease back into the absolute joys of blogging with a plea for children. We don't do many pleas here, but the time away for politics and other pursuits has softened our anti-plea resolve, just for a moment.

If you have eaten at a public school recently, or seen any of the Jamie Oliver reality ABC- TV specials set in Huntington, WV, or watched or read any of a number of fine documentations about what we have decided is good enough for our children to eat every day at school - then you probably feel queasy, as I do.

So here's a 90-second thing to do today. No later.  Ask your senators to proceed with considering the Child Nutrition Bill now, not in a year or two. It's easy to do here at Time for Lunch. The word is the senators decide this issue on Wednesday, May 19.

About the politics that has been interfering with Savoring Kentucky posts: today is Primary Election Day in Kentucky, and someone I love and admire (and live with and help occasionally) is running for a seat on the Lexington-Fayette County Urban County Council. His platform includes a big local food/local economy plank, and he has gotten excellent support so far, including the Lexington Herald-Leader's warm editorial endorsement. Today's voters will determine whether this campaign continues to the general election in November.

So why has it taken so much time to be involved in this positive and promising campaign? Well, I had some learning to do in order to be the kind of help the campaign needed. I inherited a bunch of good but unedited video and audio, along with some fantastic still photos. No volunteers turned up who knew how to cook up video out of excellent raw ingredients, so I started from scratch. What luck that I discovered the instructors and equipment at the Digital Studio at Lexington's amazing Northside Public Library. It only took me about six weeks to produce these 2.5 minutes about my favorite future public servant. I look forward to using these fledgling new skills to make Savoring Kentucky more savory and more accessible.