Here's the Real Buzz

Crocuses and Honeybees The corner of Campsie and Campsie has pollinators at work! The perky crocuses by themselves bring cheer and hope in pastel colors. Add in busy bees, and visions of what the upcoming growing season can bring get even more thrilling.

Bees and Flowers

Seedleaf plans to add bees to its new hive, located just a few feet behind our back yard in the Old Episcopal Burying Ground, but the bees we are seeing have some other lodging. Where? We wonder.

Crocus and Honeybees

Twenty years ago honeybees were plentiful in the Campsie flowers. Then we went through years of bumblebees only -- and learned to appreciate them as pollinators, too.

Bees, Buzz, Flowers

I would have thought nothing could add to the joy of crocuses and the joy of warm March sunshine after our February challenges. Enter another urban gardening surprise: The joy of healthy-looking, working honeybees.

Bees and Crocuses