Progress, Infinitesimal, But Still...

Slow, slow progress. Much scratching of the head. Why isn't website work guided in sensible steps, as cooking is guided by cookbooks (when they are good cookbooks)? Or why didn't I learn web design and image management and cascading style sheets as a five year old -- watching my elders make beautiful, meaningful web pages without breaking a sweat -- just as I first learned cooking? I'm trying to make friends with style sheets and style sheet editors. I'm trying and discarding image editing and web editing tools. I'm keeping my old trusted web host, domain registrar and blog engine. I'm launching a new theme. I'm keeping some plugins and widgets, even as I download, activate, deactivate, and occasionally reactivate some new ones.

Had I read this paragraph four years ago I would have looked for a dictionary. Probably online already - but something to help translate.

That gives me hope that shortly I will be able to write or speak sentences that include stuff like this:

".clearfix:after { content: "."; display: block; height: 0; clear: both; visibility: hidden; }"

and I'll know what I'm talking about. Already I glimpse meaning in

"#header-image {overflow: hidden; margin; 0 0 -20px 0; }"

just a suspicion of meaning, but still - progress.