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Bleugrass Chevre bluestocking goat

Bleugrass Chevre bluestocking goat

Learn Cheese Making: Goat cheeses and goat milk soaps are new features of life in central Kentucky, thanks to young companies like Bleugrass Chevre (mostly soft, creamy cheeses and beautiful soaps) and Sapori d'Italia (mostly hard, aged, grate-worthy cheeses). Imagine the generosity of a small business built on milking (relentlessly, daily) a large number of wiggly animals and  hand/bottle-feeding dozens of kids ALSO agreeing to help produce the Kentucky Cheesemaking School right about now. I learned of this late, so prepare to attach yourself to the waiting list, but what an affordable opportunity. The school will address cheeses made from cow, goat, and sheep milk. (A chevre schmear to BBS and Keeton Communications in gratitude for the tip.)

Get Seeds In Lexington: If you haven't ordered seeds yet, you can save postage, see friends, buy seeds from excellent suppliers and support a good cause at the In-Feed Seed Sale March 13. This is perfect timing for the March 15 recommended planting date for many early veggie crops in our part of the planet.

Books, Children, Food: I have not found it easy to follow the links and learn more about this Splendid Table audio story about using children's books to influence children's eating habits positively, but I like the concept, and you may, too. Children's books about food can boost children's interest in fresh food, gardening, and cooking. I plan to ask the good book sleuths at Lexington's Morris Book Shop what books they would suggest for this purpose.