A New Kentucky Wonder: Nate Gray's Culinary Photo Book

Nate Gray's Mother's Roast Pork Shoulder, with Spice Rub

Nate Gray's Mother's Roast Pork Shoulder, with Spice Rub

That's western Kentucky native Nathan Gray's mother's spice-rubbed pork shoulder/butt, cooked during the recent holidays, and featured, along with 64 more gorgeous Kentucky food photos, in a culinary photo journal Nathan made in December, 2010. Nate's a Californian now, and a professional photographer and documentarian of food cultures around the world.

I get lovely gifts at times from people who appreciate Savoring Kentucky. When Nate introduced himself by email a few days ago and sent me the links to online versions of his photos, I nearly jumped out of my skin with happiness. Nate's work includes so many aspects of Kentucky food without judgment, other than his impeccable photographic acumen. His work goes straight to my heart.

Enough about me and my reactions: I want you to see these photos. You can view them two different ways. To see the photos without their (excellent) descriptions first -- which I recommend. Click on "Preview Book." The photos resize to fit your screen. You can "flip" pages with clicks on tabs that magically show up on the right and left sides when you move your cursor there.

Then if you want to admire individual photos and learn more about them, go to Nate's Kentucky Gallery on flickr. You can pull up photos individually, and the just-right inscriptions for each one will add to your enjoyment.

Nate is not trying to sell his online book, so this is not a sales pitch for him. The Kentucky Culinary Journal is a heartfelt gift a Kentuckian has given to all of us out of his love for the place that shaped him. See more about Nate's work here and around the world at A Culinary (Photo) Journal, his blog.

I love this work, and I thank Nate for sharing it.

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Photo Credit: Nathan Gray. Thank you!