Cupcakes and Lemon Posset Redux

Lemon Posset with Wayne County Mint

Lemon Posset with Wayne County Mint

Last week I enjoyed writing about the four most frequently googled food terms of 2008, including cupcakes and lemon posset. Since then I have tried the Meyer Lemon Posset recipe from the Los Angeles Times, using organic Meyer lemons from Good Foods Market. The posset tastes like a sleeker, more intense version of Key Lime Pie. A few small bites satisfy, which is good, given the 546 calories per 1/2 cup.

That's Wayne County mint on top, transplanted from the banks of a big spring to our downtown sideyard, where it thrives. As I write on December 15, the lowest sprigs, enjoying a protected location, still offer fresh tips in spite of one 14 degree night.

A dear and brilliant friend wrote a wonderful cupcake comment, which I offer here with her permission, because you are going to be as intrigued as I was with this information. You may decide to enter a new phase of life as an international financier - and you may find what you want to ask for and give as gifts this year:

Speaking of cupcakes, here is a blog post by a volunteer in Managua, Nicaragua, Whitney, who recently wrote about her experience translating an interview between Freddy Castillo Luna, an entreprenuer and owner of a cupcake store, and a lender, journalist Joel Stein of Time Magazine.