Miranda Hileman Planted Many Seeds, With More To Come

Miranda Hileman, 2009 Compton Mentor Fellow in Lexington, KentuckyIt's a little late, but Savoring Kentucky thanks Miranda Hileman, center, above, for her enormous service in central Kentucky as a 2009 Compton Mentor Fellow. Miranda graduated from Berea College in May, 2009, with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture. She invested the next year here, working to improve food security in our community.

Miranda, who grew up on a Kistaco Farm in Apollo, Pennsylvania -- a small fruit and vegetable farm with a special focus on apples and cider --  worked like the proverbial house afire during her Fellowship year, moving toward her goals in settings across the community and into some adjoining counties. She worked with fledgling community groups, established nonprofit organizations, faith groups, and neighborhoods to revitalize existing community gardens at 15 sites. She helped launch or expand 13 school-based gardens. She taught children and high school students to garden, and her work influenced the Fayette County Schools toward policies friendlier to school-based gardens. She worked on gleaning efforts, harvesting food that would otherwise go to waste, for use in feeding hungry people in our community.

It's hard to believe Miranda slept even once during her Compton Mentor year.  Recently she began a fine new job that encourages her to keep up the amazing pace of supporting and encouraging others' food and agriculture projects. Miranda is now an Extension Associate in the University of Kentucky's Agricultural Economics department. We are so lucky she came, and even luckier that she is settling here.

Photo Credit: Center photo of Miranda: Katie Clark. Thank you!